Introducing Shamanic Dance

Creativity is our birthright, movement is our song

Shamanic Dance - The quest and movement towards freedom and love, through free flow expression and intention.

Upliftment of consciousenss and connection to higher realms and spirit through the physical expression of the body.

Aligning with the truth beyond the logic, the true shamanic being connected to all by being the pure essence beyond thought. A magical practice of Truth and Freedom

An instinctive personality type may like to practice a rather demanding and challenging type of yoga. An emotional personality type may feel attracted by a more meditative and spiritual type of yoga, and a rational personality type may like practicing yoga in a very structured environment, where they can get lots of explanations from the teacher.


15th May - Connect to the joy within Saccidānanda

Please book with me, Jeanette on 082 852 9289
Studio opens 15 min prior to start

Join and experience the magical movement of
Shamanic Dance


18:00 - 19:15
R150 per class